MEAL PREP FOR BEGINNERS: Vegetarian Burrito Bowls!


Is this your first time meal prepping? Then you’re in the right place! Today I’m going to teach you how to make simple and delicious burrito bowls that will help you lose weight. I’m not kidding when I say I have been eating these burrito bowls for like 3 months. I have been meal prepping for about 5 months and in that time I’ve lost over 20 pounds all thanks to this meal. Let’s get started!

You will need:
Brown Rice
Black Beans
Shredded cheese of your choice
Chicken (optional)
Salsa of your choice

You will be using 1 cup of cooked rice per meal so measure your rice accordingly and remember that 1 cup of dry rice yields 3 cups cooked. For every cup of dry rice you want to add 2 cups of water. Start your rice over high heat until it comes to a boil then turn your heat down to low, cover your rice and let it cook on low until all of the water has been cooked out. DO NOT uncover or stir your rice while it is cooking. I usually wait until I can no longer see water in the rice to lift the lid and move the rice around a little bit to see if all the water has cooked out; if it hasn’t close the lid and continue to leave it over low heat.

As I mentioned above, the chicken is optional. I personally don’t add chicken into my meals because I don’t eat meat but I meal prep for my boyfriend as well and he does eat meat, so I add chicken to his meals. If you’re going to use chicken, I suggest seasoning it with chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder before baking it (at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour?, I don’t know I just check it a few times and take it out when it’s no longer pink inside) and then I shred it before adding it to the meal. I add 1 cup of chicken to each meal.

While your rice (and chicken) are cooking you can pretty much prepare the rest of your meal. I prefer using canned black beans because of the convenience but you can use whatever beans you prefer. I’m going to give you instructions based on canned beans. Open your beans and rinse them thoroughly. You want to add 1/2 cup of beans to each meal.

As with the black beans, I prefer using canned corn. Open your corn and drain it. You also want to add 1/2 cup of corn to each meal.

Moving on to the cheese. Different cheeses have different serving sizes, so go by the serving size listed on your cheese to determine how much you should add to each meal. I use one serving of cheese per meal and the serving for my brand of cheese is 1/4 of a cup.

You don’t want to add your salsa until you’re ready to eat your meals or it will cause the rice to become soggy and I don’t know how you feel about soggy rice but I’m personally not a fan. I usually don’t measure my salsa because it’s so low in calories and I like a lot of salsa, but if you’re counting calories you’ll probably want to measure yours.

Here’s a more simple breakdown of what your meal should look like:

1 cup cooked brown rice + 1/2 cup black beans + 1/2 cup corn + serving size of cheese + 1 cup chicken (optional) + salsa (added right before you eat) = BURRITO BOWL!

These meals keep well in the fridge for a week. I recommend reheating them in the microwave before you eat them but if you’re some kind of weirdo who likes cold, hard rice then do your thing.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. You can add just about anything to this meal to make it your own! Meal prepping doesn’t have to be difficult and confusing, just play around until you find something you like and then stick to that. Try this out and then come back to let me know your thoughts!



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